SEO Optimization and Website Updates for Coppersmith Customs

Project Description

Coppersmith Customs was looking for help updating their website and SEO efforts to increase visibility online. I did a complete SEO build out of Keywords, wrote new page copy with integrated SEO keywords and create natural inter-links for clear navigation based on their Google Analytics Behavior Flow. I added Alt tags to all images to aid SEO efforts and applied image compression to all images on website to improve site load time and ranking ability. I redirected the social icons to open in new page and removed ones not currently being used. I also cleaned up formatting and alignment on all pages, added a favicon, fixed contact page issue that was causing the page not to load, and updated footer with contrasting color for easier readability.

Finally, I integrate Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics, set the primary domain, submitted the sitemap for Google indexing, set country and language profiles, and reviewed the robot.txt file for accessibility by bots.

Project Details

Project:    Website Updates and SEO
Partner:   Coppersmith Customs

Lisa has been amazing to work with. She really knows her stuff. Lisa takes the time to understand what you do and who you are to make sure your online presence represents your authentic self.

Matthew Coppersmith
Owner, Coppersmith Customs

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