LN Virtual Marketing and how it all started!

I’m a tenacious self-starter who believes everyone possesses a spark of genius. I grew up at the foot of a Heidelberg Press and one of my first joys was a Pantone Color Wheel. The “family business” included the whole extended family, most of the neighborhood, and many of our classmates and friends. We were taught at an early age the importance of hard work, independence, and the value of being tenacious. You could say it rubbed off on me, or maybe it’s just in my blood…either way, creating my own business was inevitable.

Prior to starting my company, I worked at industry leading technology startups that lead the way in ecommerce and digital downloads. I worked with a diverse range of clients, including Google, Yahoo, Disney, Symantec, H&R Block, Major League Baseball, Kraft, and National Geographic.

The best part of my career was always the people. I had the amazing opportunity to work with insanely talented people over the years. The energy and passion they brought with them every day made it possible to create the impossible. I enjoy the impossible!

While the work was exciting, over time I got farther and farther away from the client. That didn’t sit well with me.

I longed for more creative outlets and flexibility. Equally important was having a voice that wouldn’t be compromised by the all-consuming corporate drive to hit budget. I wanted to control who I worked with — making sure their values and creative vision were aligned with mine.

But none of this would mean anything if it wasn’t for these two amazing souls. They are my sunrise and my sunset. They inspire me to dream, to believe in what I cannot see, and to “leave it all on the field”.

Begin as many times as it takes!

My skills and experience include:

Marketing Strategy • Graphic Design • Print Material • Digital Marketing • Website Design & Development • SEO • Social Media Marketing • Ad Buying • Strategic Account Management • Leadership Development • Content Strategy & Creation • Process Optimization • Strategic Planning • Partner Retention Strategy • Data Trending • Video Production • Email Marketing • Event Promotion & Registration • QR Code Creation & Promotion • Customer Appreciation Design & Promotion

Work Experience:

LN Marketing – Founder & Owner

W3i, LLC – SVP Marketing & Account Development

Russell Herder Agency – CMO in Residence

Digital River – Sr. Director of Marketing & Account Development