SEO Optimization and Website Updates for Amy Holewa Independent Financial Advisor

Project Description

Amy Holewa an Independent Financial Advisor was interested in optimizing her website to attract more business customers and get her SEO rankings up higher in the financial planning categories that she specialized in. I did an audit of her site and put together an SEO plan that included increasing her text to html ratio, adding headings, alt tags to all images, page titles and meta descriptions, a sitemap, robots.txt, and image compression. I also updated the overall styling of the pages, creating new imagery, color palette, and flow.

I created an Information Architect Map detailing her content. From there I did some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword research to determine the top keywords for the website. In order to insert the new keywords into the site I did some copywriting on the current pages to align the new keyword categories.

In addition to the website changes I also updated her Google Analytics and added the domains to Google Webmaster tools for easy indexing and technical monitoring.

Project Details

Project:    Website Updates and SEO
Partner:   Amy Holewa, Independent Financial Advisor
Website:  www.amyholewa.com

Absolutely thrilled with the results I’ve had with Lisa’s amazing work on my website, social media and SEO updates! It has done wonders for bringing new traffic to the studio!!”

Amy Coppersmith
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