To post, or not to post | lisanistler.com Website Design Maple Grove, MN

You got all fired up about promoting your Small Business on social media, you were fearless!  You created the profiles, uploaded pictures, filled out all the information, and it was exciting!

And then you waited…and when nothing happened, you lost that loving feeling!

It’s Ok, you’re not alone and the truth is, it’s really easy to get that feeling back.  Recapturing that loving feeling can actually be simple with a couple of simple guidelines.

So let’s break it down!

Posting made simple:

Start SMALL – pick 1 or 2 sites and post 1-2 times per week.

Social Media Sites:

  1. _____________________________________
  2. _____________________________________


Pick your post types. I recommend 2-3 types and rotate them:

Examples of post types:

  • Create a post for each type of service you offer
  • Teaching moments
  • Welcome new clients
  • Welcome new team members
  • New product teasers
  • Events
  • Announcements
  • Presentations/Training
  • Inspirational Quote of the week
  • Tips or Knowledge nuggets

Any of these can be done as traditional posts or short video clips

Pick your post types:

  1. ________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________


Be CONSISTENT! Create a post schedule and honor it!

My Post Schedule:

Day:______________________  Time: _______________________


Day:______________________  Time: _______________________


A couple of small housekeeping suggestions before you start posting.

  1. Review your profiles and make sure they are up to date!
  2. All profiles should have the same Brand look, logo, and business header image.
  3. Fill out your profiles COMPLETELY!


Once you have that loving feeling back you’ll want to keep it, so after you start posting make sure to check in on the numbers.  On most social profiles you’ll find them under a button called “Insights”.  It’s like the creamy filling in an Oreo cookie, not even kidding!  The insights will tell you what’s working.  Do MORE of what’s working!

Now get out there and start posting.  Be FEARLESS! You have a delete post option if you need it!