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To post, or not to post!

You got all fired up about promoting your Small Business on social media, you were fearless!  You created the profiles, uploaded pictures, filled out all the information, and it was exciting! And then you waited…and when nothing happened, you lost that loving feeling!...

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Small Business in the Online World

I talk to a lot of small businesses and non-profits about how to improve their online presence and attract potential customers.  Many are overwhelmed with the plethora of options and opinions and find it difficult to know where to start! Below I’ll walk you through my...

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Finding a Web Designer that fits!

I was invited to sit in at a small business networking visitor day this past week and as they went around the room and each person gave their 60 second "commercial" about what they did, I sat quietly in my chair freaking out.  There was an accountant, a lawyer,  a...

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When your DIY Website goes bad

Over the past couple of months I've run into several small businesses who've had issues with their DIY websites.  In all cases the owners told me their websites had been compromised by hackers or somehow corrupted. When I asked how that happened, it always came back...

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Web design is more than just a pretty page!

Basics to consider if you're thinking of building your own small business website!   As a small business owner you are no doubt creative, resourceful, and resilient! And with so many do-it-yourself website platforms advertising cheap and easy solutions, it's...

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From the moment I met Lisa I knew she would best help me with my company's new website. Her background and experience set her apart in this competitive market. She is knowledgeable and honest, and not afraid to speak her mind (which I need and appreciate).
She responds to all of my questions in a timely manner, and it feels great knowing she has my best interests at heart. Thank you, Lisa!

Christina Burns
Co-Owners, Floors of Distinction

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